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Guide on choosing the right programming languauge

Guide on choosing the right programming language

Choosing right programming language to learn without proper knowledge might be quite difficult and troublesome in the long run. After reading through this blog guide, you can choose the best programming language to learn.

There are tons of programming language with specific coding paradigm and purposes. So before choosing any programming languages, many factors are to considered before starting to learn the right programming languages such as whether the language supports your desired platform, if it fulfills your purposes or whether the programming languages is career future proof . Also the number of active developer in any programming language is one of the factor to consider, since it is the developer that keeps the programming language alive. Programming language having high demand and popularity will have lot of libraries and  tools built in it which helps simplify a lot of operations.

Here are the lists of programming languages which may be right to learn for you according to their purposes.

  1. PHP – PHP is a server side programming language which is mainly used for dynamic web development. It is pretty beginner friendly and easy to grasp. You can perform all web server related operation and query with databases. Application Programming Interface(API) for different  apps can also be made through this language. Many frameworks are already built on top of PHP which makes our work more systematic and provides a great starting point to build any app. One of the popular programming framework for PHP is Laravel.
  2. JavaScript – JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages of the modern times. It probably started as web client side scripting languages and has now developed its capability far more than just a client side scripting language. It  can also handle asynchronous request and operations Libraries and frameworks has extended its use cases and now can be used for multitude of purposes. Now it can be used as standalone full stack programming languages for web app with the help of its frameworks such as NodeJS , React, etc. With the help of React Native library, you can also built a mobile application  using JavaScript. Some of the popular framework and libraries for JavaScript are Angular, NodeJS, React Native, Vue, etc.
  3. Python – Python is also one of the versatile and handy programming languages which can be used for various purposes such as web development, machine learning, system development and network application. It is very easy to learn and start for beginners.
    Django framework built on top of Python enable use to develop web applications. It is also used widely on machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence.
  4. Java – Java is also one of the oldest and most popular object oriented programming language to learn.  It is the preferred language for building native android applications. It can also be used to create web application and desktop software as well.  Learning curve may be little difficult in compare to Python and JavaScript.
  5. C#(C Sharp)- C Sharp is also another popular programming language which is used to create web application and windows software application. It is also very popular with game developers, as most of the games are created using Unity game engine which supports C# scripting. Using Unity game engine you will able to create both 3d and 2d video games which is compatible in all platforms such as windows, android, iOS and macOS.
  6. Swift – Swift is a programming language specifically targeted for apple devices developed by Apple Inc. It can be used to create application for iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS supported devices. xCode is needed for creating Swift application and can only be built using apple macOS devices such as MacBook an iMAcs.
  7. Dart – Dart is another programming language for creating  web and mobile application  as well as desktop application too. Flutter is one of the evolving software development tool which uses dart programming language to built cross platform applications supported by android. iOS and windows as well as other operating system too.
  8. R – R programming language is one of the primary language used for machine learning, statistical computing, data mining and scientific research. It also provides visualization of analyzed data. It is actively increasing in popularity and has a increasing demand of developers.
  9. HTML & CSS – HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) & CSS(Cascading style sheet) are the important tools for designing any web app. Html is the backbone of any websites, it is a markup language for web and CSS is used  for styling the HTML components. There are libraries and tools which helps in designing stylish web components such as Bootstrap and Tailwind. With the help of JavaScript, you can create powerful and interactive web applications using HTML and CSS.

Beside these, other programming language to consider learning are  C++, Go, Rust, etc.
Each programming languages has its own purposes and pros and cons. Some programming language perform better for web applications, some perform better for mobile applications and some for machine learning. You can start by learning one programming language and then elevate to next language if your are comfortable with it. The more your learn the more you know about different approaches and practices. So in general,

  • For Web Backend Development – PHP, JAVA, Python, JavaScript
  • For Web Frontend Development – JavaScript, HTML &CSS
  • For Game Development – C#, C++
  • For Machine Learning – Python, R
  • For Android mobile apps – Java, Dart
  • For iOS and macOS apps – Swift, Objective C
  • For windows apps – Java, C#, Dart

Now you can choose the right programming language for yourself. After learning the preferred programming language, you should probably look towards learning the right framework of the language. Coding any application from scratch to finish might take a lot of time as well management. Frameworks provide set of basic required tools for creating any application. Some framework already comes with prebuilt tools and libraries for starting development of most of the application which helps us to save time and actually focus on building the apps. Programming language has their own respective frameworks which is used for certain  specific cases. Frameworks provide robust development and file structures which makes our software easy to navigate and debug.
Here are the list of frameworks and tools to consider:

  • For Web Backend Development – Laravel, Django
  • For Web Frontend Development -React, Angular, Vue,  jQuery, Bootstrap, Tailwind
  • For Game Development – Unity, Unreal Engine
  • For Machine Learning – TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras
  • For Android mobile apps -Flutter, Kotlin, React Native, Java

There may arise a lot of problem when starting to programming and learn code.  There are tons of free and paid learning resources over the net. Some of the free resources are Tutorials Point & W3school. You can also find some of the programming solutions here in this blog.

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